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Conference explores human rights and journalism If Friday’s session “Human Rights and Journalism” proved nothing else, it confirmed the deficits among media both here and abroad, particularly when it comes to reporting women and minority groups. The Friday discussion was part of the three-day Greater Kansas City Peacebuilding Conference. The theme this year was “Human Rights: The Foundation of Peacebuilding.” Sarah Margon from the Open Society Foundation, formerly of Human Rights Watch, led off the day by discussing why journalism matters to human rights organizations, and vice-versa. She said journalism is essential for figuring out what governments are doing, and to push for needed ch

By the way, I've got a cracker of a story coming up this week...

At last - a victory of sorts for Historical Institutional Abuse victims, or some of them at any rate. Just a damn shame that the decision that the Executive Office at Stormont can start making the payments came from Westminster and not for the sorry scoundrels who rule the roost in Northern Ireland - with a few honourable exceptions, of course. And watch this space, I've got a cracker of a story coming up on victims later on this week if all goes well... #victims #Stormont #Ireland

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