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We need a Lyra McKee Law to penalise those who demonstrate or advocate for any organisation whose go

The murder of young Lyra McKee strikes deep at the core of our society, calling all of us to respond, not with the 'gotcha' politics of revenge, but with a cry from our better angels for the gentleness and devotion to integrity this young women epitomised in her public and private personae. The cult of the gunman was a topic that fascinated her because she was working on a book called The Lost Boys. It is a striking title, suggesting to me that she had a genuine grasp of the phenomenon of young men drawn to violence, or consumed by it in death. Before she died she had been talking to my friend and colleague Kathryn Johnston about my books on the Troubles and she mentioned that she planned to

We all knew that one day Lyra McKee would make international headlines but never could any of us hav

The Cold Case Detectives by Lyra McKee Lyra McKee is a freelance journalist and writer Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. So does this one. It can be summarised as a bullet, a bullet, and a bullet. This was Lyra McKee's foreword to a collection of essays called 'Paper Trailers' - a series of personal reflections collated and published by Ciaran MacAirt, a writer, researcher and victims' campaigner in Belfast. From the very minute I met Lyra when she was just 16 I could tell she was a born storyteller. What motivated her was to uncover the real, often concealed, truth behind the stories of many of the victims of the Troubles, and to restore meaning and agency to their lives. M

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