Martin McGuinness: Behind the mask​

21st mar 2017

Both saint and sinner, Martin McGuinness leaves more than just one legacy

22nd mar 2017

You’re spoiling us, Mr Ambassador​

On Sunday I reported a Tory to the police for hate speech

15th may 2017

A great epitaph to my husband, Liam Clarke


21st Jan 2016

Liam Clarke documentary: 'I've seen the film three times... it's a tribute to his love of life'​

16th oct 2016

Martin McGuinness's legacy would be set if he said IRA now prepared to tell Troubles victims the truth​

12th Jan 2017

In August 2016 I stood in a packed school hall to listen to Jeremy Corbyn address West Belfast Festival.

Killer of Lord Mountbatten enjoys freedom, 30 years on from IRA murder​

9th AUG 2009

I looked out my kitchen window to see a man carrying a machine gun

6th May 2009

IN the wake of the PSNI’s threat to use legal action to force Suzanne Breen to reveal her Real IRA sources, journalist Kathryn Johnston recalls for Slugger the day her home was raided by the police – and calls for support for the Sunday Tribune’s northern editor.

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