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Ulster Says No – Again

The UK daily papers are full of outrage that Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) blocked proposals yesterday that would have moved Northern Ireland’s customs border to the Irish Sea. The 10 DUP MPs are currently propping up Theresa May’s minority Conservative government on a confidence and supply basis. Theresa May’s premiership could not continue without their support. Now the DUP saying ‘NO’ should have come as no surprise to politicians or journalists. Last week I wrote this. But something about yesterday’s events simply doesn’t add up. Last week the Democratic Uni

Brexit: humble pie?

Who knows what will be on the menu when Theresa May dines with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker today? Until after they meet, there can be no certainty about the terms that have been placed on the table. Ireland have already said that they doubt enough progress has been made over the weekend to avoid them using their veto. However, if the latest reports from Irish state broadcaster RTE are correct, Theresa May could well be eating humble pie. RTE say that the UK has already conceded to EU negotiators that there will be no divergence of the rules covering the EU single market and customs union on the island of Ireland post Brexit. According to two well-placed sources who have

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