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HIA compensation dead in a ditch

HIA abuse compensation dead in a ditch

Boris Johnson made a commitment in the Queen's Speech to introduce legislation to provide compensation for Northern Ireland's Historical Institutional Abuse victims.

Now Jacob Rees-Mogg says there may not be time before Parliament is dissolved on Monday.

Kincora victims were recently told they would have to wait 66 years before secret government files on the hidden story behind their abuse is revealed.

Do the math.

None of them will be alive then.

Nor, by the time the government, both at Westminster and our ghostly entity at Stormont, get their acts together, will the victims of abuse.

Unlike Boris, who promised us he would be dead in a ditch today at Halloween if he failed to leave the EU, they really will be.

Dead in a ditch.

We owe all victims so much more than this.

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